Monday, February 9, 2015

Finding Love Online or Leaving It to Fate, that Is the Question?

Nowadays people have increasingly busy lives and it has been reported that more than 9 million Brits have logged on looking for love.

A third of new relationships are estimated to have started online, but a quarter of those surfing the web, particularly men, are reportedly already in relationships and just looking for fun.

But do we actually get to see the “real” person when we find them online or do they simply portray themselves as our ideal partners?  It may come as no surprise to hear that the area where women supposedly exaggerate the truth is with their age and for men it is their height.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we would love you to share your online dating stories with us on our Facebook page or Twitter

As a thank you we will chose our favourite story and send the lucky person on a Chrysalis Studios mock first date where they will receive useful and honest feedback about their first impressions and the do’s and don’ts on a first date.

Good luck!!!

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  1. Calling all singletons - with Valentine's Day fast approaching, send in your favorite online dating stories. We will choose the best one and give you the chance to win a first date with Chrysalis Studios!