Sunday, June 15, 2014

Getting Back to Employment Workshop - Visual Essay

Confidence In Your Self-Image Inside And Out

Sharon Wilson and Lukas Kroulik are passionate about supporting people to get them back into employment by developing self-awareness, building confidence and creating the right image for job interviews and the work environment.

Sharon and Lukas introduced themselves and the expectations workshop to the participants.

Sharon was talking about the importance of personal goal setting.

The audience were curious about the new experience and took away some tips and tools from the workshop.

Sharon was listening to the emotional story of one of the participants as she shared it with the rest of the group.

Lukas was explaining and demonstrating how the right make-up can help you look fresher and how important it is to create the best first impression at a job interview.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Confidence and Personal Image Workshop


Sharon and Lukas have a unique talent to make you feel in safe hands instantly. Their natural passion for their subject inspires you to listen and take action. A great 2 hours that will give you some great hints and tips. 

Claire - workshop attendee

Sharon - life coaching exercise on affirmations  

Lukas - practical tips on suitable make-up and hair styling


The combination of Sharon’s coaching and Lukas’ image consulting has made a lasting impact on me. Sharon really seems to know the right questions to ask to make you think about who you want to be and how you want to come across to others. Lukas is magic! Our session together was fantastic and I now have great photos that I can use both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Chrysalis Studios to anyone who wants to both look and feel great.”

Lisa – Consultant & Mother of three

“Sharon and Lukas believe passionately that to look good on the outside you also need to feel great on the inside. Too often we focus on the outside and forget to nurture ourselves from within which creates a viscous circle where we lose our courage to take care of our image on the outside. 

Sharon's coaching skills combined with the image makeover talent of Lukas enable you to feel confident on the inside and out. Creating a powerful positive circle. They have a unique talent to make you feel in safe hands instantly. Their natural passion for their subject inspires you to listen and take action.”

Claire – Charity CEO

“As an older professional woman, I find that attempting to look stylish can be difficult, especially with the 'youth oriented' clothing and makeup on offer. But Chrysalis Studios knows that a youthful sense of self is not just the preserve of the young.

The styling advice given to me by Lukas at Chrysalis was very useful in helping me to achieve an ageless look. They helped me to choose the right colours and clothes to wear for specific events and showed me how to use makeup and hair styling to create a fresh, natural and contemporary look. They simply enhanced my own personal style, so I was able to still be 'me' yet attend events with greater confidence in my appearance.

I think that many 'youthful' older women would get much out of either one-to-one or group sessions with Sharon and feel so much better about their ability to present themselves either for photographs or at important functions.”


“Thank you Sharon and Lukas for your excellent session with me. 

You are both so genuine and passionate I found the day invigorating and inspiring. 

Things are moving in the right direction for me and the advice you both gave me has been ruminating and settling as I map out the next phase of my life.”


“Lukas made some fantastic portraits of me for my website. He really grasped what I wanted to convey, made great images, and was a delight to work with.

Sharon helped me to find my own voice.”