Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Mothers

After working with numerous clients we have discovered that feeling and looking better work hand in hand and that enduring beauty blooms from inside out.  Just like a blossom.  This is particularly symbolic of pregnant women whose bodies are constantly changing and with it they exude the glow of bringing a new life into the world. Like a small budding flower that reaches full bloom.

However, after the birth and when their normal routine has been thrown into disarray, it is common for some women to feel a little less confident as their personal identity quickly begins to merge under the umbrella of being “Mum”.  Some mothers find it challenging to lose their baby weight or even to find the time to dedicate to this.  The early stages of motherhood become a period of selflessness where you end up putting your needs on the back burner.  As a result, you can start to feel “unattractive” when you can no longer fit into the clothes you previously wore and this could have an impact on relationships with your partners or husbands.

We believe that this is an ideal time for personal and image coaching sessions as the attention and focus will be totally on you.  Through this fun and interesting experience we will support you to achieve your goals, build your confidence and prepare you for entering or re-entering the job market. We will also create a personal image that compliments you and teach you skills for easy maintenance.